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About Us

Our core competency is in IoT security solution while providing other leading edge IoT solutions. We take pride in our products for being fail-proof, fool-proof and future-proof. In line with Industrial Revolution 4.0, the integration of IoT is a way forward for areas such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and smart cities to deliver operational efficiencies, quality-of-life and convenience. As your security is our priority, we provide comprehensive end-to-end IoT security solutions that will improve your operational expenditure (OPEX) significantly, besides providing a leading-edge technology for your business. Our team consists of 5 experts with experienced IoT practitioners.



To be known as Leading-edge Solution Provider that transform business through the power of Internet of Things (IoT)


To provide solutions for resource inefficiency, un-environmental-friendly issues and insecurities


To provide a hardware and software solutions, existing product security system embedded with IoT solutions

Our Services

We provide IoT solutions and services featuring products such as Guard Touring System, Door Access Security System, Warehouse Management System and IoT trainings


GuardExpert PRO

Guard Tour Patrol System is a system build to record guard patrols on the premises of control. See More...


Spool Tracking System MMHE

STS is a mobile apps and web-based that is designed to improve the spools tracking system in MMHE. See more...


Waste Recycling and Collection System

WMS is a mobile apps and web-based that is designed to help in real time monitoring of waste collection progress in UTM. See more...


IoT Training

This short course introduces the technical background of the Internet of Things (IoT) which includes its concept, architecture and applications. See more...

Our Clients


No. 8-A Jalan Pulai Perdana 12,
Taman Sri Pulai Perdana,
81110 Skudai,
Johor Bahru, Johor


Phone: 018 784 5339



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